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Opening Reception and Exhibition of "BLOOD+SISTER: The Blood of the Convenant is Thicker Than the Water of the Womb" a new collaboration by Sandi Calistro and Blair Pascal.

Opening Reception and Exhibition of ""BLOOD+SISTER: The Blood of the Convenant is Thicker Than the Water of the Womb"  new art by Sandi Calistro and Blair Pascal.

Exhibition: April 12th, 2014-May 11th, 2014

Opening Reception: April 12th, 2014. 7-10pm


Overview: BLOOD+SISTER: The Blood of the Convenant is Thicker Than the Water of the Womb

BLOOD+SISTER is an ever-expanding collaboration project between painter and custom tattooer Sandi Calistro and photographer Blair Pascal. Each photographic portrait included within the exhibition is hand painted after print, composing a seamless interconnection of two art forms and the synthesis of two individual artist’s visions. The title, The Blood of the Covenant is Thicker Than the Water of the Womb is appropriated from the ancient proverb insinuating that the bond between comrades is stronger than that of family alliances. BLOOD+SISTER functions as a channel into the process specific to women creating together. At the start resides the collaboration between subject and photographer. The female muse tends to occupy an uneasy and shifting place at the intersection of the body and it’s representation. The photographs in BLOOD+SISTER engage that precarious space between the inherent passive nature of photography and an active representation of the subject. The intimate treatment provided by Calistro’s illustration evokes sentiment at the same time conjures thoughtfulness of the artist’s hand. BLOOD+SISTER is the embodiment of female collaboration.




Raised a latch-key-kid in Denver, Colorado; Blair Pascal found the inspiration for her photographic portraits in the friends she grew up with. Provided her first camera at the age of sixteen, she jammed up her high school dark room with images taken of clandestine cigarette breaks and teenage girls heedlessly loitering in alleys. These willing subjects have followed her throughout her photo-making career, appearing in numerous bodies of work. Blair received her bachelors in fine art photography at the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2012 and won best in show at her senior thesis exhibition. She has had her work admitted in a number of group exhibitions since, including an on-going collaboration project entitled BLOOD+SISTER with painter and custom tattooer, Sandi Calistro. 

Blair’s images supply a pocket relation to personal history as well as recall the individual memory of each included subject. With what started as the innocent documentation of a girl’s life, became an exploration of the history of representation. Blair Pascal’s photographs of women occupy a space between passive object and active subject, the inherent nature of the photograph as object realized, but regarded with sentiment. 


Born in New Britain, Connecticut, Sandi Calistro formed a love of painting at an early age. In 1997 she made her way to Denver, Colorado and established herself there as a custom tattooer. Owning and running her very own tattoo studio and art gallery has allowed her to refine her talents as well as become a well-known member of Denver’s emerging art scene. She has shown her paintings in numerous galleries across the country; Black Maria in Los Angeles, California, and Redefine Gallery in Orlando, Florida just to name a few. She is also included in an annual group exhibition in San Francisco entitled Spoke Art. 

From intentional line and acrylic washes; mysterious female figures with bedroom eyes emerge. Many of the subjects in her painted work are adorned with distinguishing symbols steeped in tattoo tradition. This imagery is then literally intertwined with a signature botanic illustration style that contains a nouveau quality.