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You, Me and Them. A performance by Adriana Cubides

Leon Gallery Announces a special 2 night only performance by international performer, Adriana Cubides.


An intimate, public, and sensorial experience between performer Adriana Cubides,a blindfolded participant and people passing on the street. 

The window display of Leon will be set up with only a red chair and 76 blindfolds hanging on the backdrop. These blindfolds are hand crafted by Adriana and are one of a kind. Each participant will select their own blindfold, which they will be allowed to keep after the performance. A gallery assistant will lead the participant towards the window display where they will sit in a red chair. The participant will be blindfolded by the gallery assistant and then the gallery assistant will leave. Adriana will suddenly appear and begin her performance; moving, dancing, and exploring the space between. The blindfolded participant will not see Adriana, but she will be heard, felt, and her smell will permeate the participants senses. The people passing by on the sidewalk and driving by on 17th Avenue will be able to view the performance through the glass. Those waiting and watching for their turn will also become a part of the performance, completing the experience of YOU, ME AND THEM by Adriana Cubides.

Tickets will be available exclusively through Leon by calling at 303-832-1599 or through email at This one to one experience is limited to 38 people on Thursday, July 10th from 6:00pm-9:30pm and a second performance is set for Friday, July 11th from 6:00pm-9:30pm. Each experience between the participant and Adriana will last 5 minutes. With a blindfold on, that will seem like an eternity. $10/participant.


About Adriana Cubides: 

Adriana Cubides (COL/A) studied languages and literature at the University in Bogotá, Colombia and made her dance studies at the Bruckner University in Linz, Austria. Among others she worked with choreographers like Nikolaus Adler, Helene Weinzierl, Rebecca Murgi, Charlotte Vincent, Elio Gervasi, Philip Van Huffel, Catherine Guerin, Charlotta Overhölm, Chris Haring, Willi Dorner, Stefan Dreher, Paul Wenninger, Elisabeth Tambwe and Amanda Piña. 

After she participated in different artistic exchange and research programs focused on improvisation (among others dance web 2006, Auslandsstipendium 2007) she started to make her own work based on improvisation: SHE HAD NOTHING TO SAY, (2006), SHE film with Michael Loitzenbauer (2006) “…moi aussi Paul…”(2006), hit lost and found (in collaboration with Raul Maia, 2007), ONE some body thing (2009, second prize in the internet dance contest side by side), B ananás, a piece for children, “1975” as part of the year show of Studio & (2013) and in general several live improvisations with musicians or in the frame of an art exhibition. In collaboration with Raúl Maia and Mathias Jakisic and under the direction of Stephan Rabl she worked on the successful productions for children “Surprise” (Stella Award 2007), "Geheime Welten” and “Popcorn” (Stella award 2010). Last year she premiered the well received solo “Golden Baby” by Elisabeth Tambwe and the group piece “Sehnen” by Paul Wenninger. Currently she is living in Durango, Colorado, where she is working to redefine and broaden her own and people’s vision of dance and performance. 

Important workshops and research work that has influenced her physical, and creative approach: David Zambrano, Frey Faust, Benoit Lachambre, Jennifer Monson, Milli Bitterli, Martin Sonderkamp, Martin Kilvady, Chrysa Parkinson, Rosmary Butcher, Stefan Dreher , Frans Poelstra, Inaqui Azpillaga, Barbara Kraus, Stephan Rabl (a.o). 



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