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Get Yeti: Denver Film Premiere

Get Yeti: Denver Film Premiere

$10 suggested donation, all proceeds go toward production costs 

Join us for a night of celebration and the world premiere of "Get Yeti" a film by The Camel Toast Collective.

7pm - doors / music
8pm - 'The Making of Get Yeti'
8:30 - Premiere
8:45 - Awards
9pm - Dance Party

Since the dawn of time every culture has been fascinated by a mysterious apelike creature that goes by many names: Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman. The creature has been spotted countless times all across the world. The lure of the Yeti is no joking matter, people have dedicated their entire lives to try and prove its existence. Believing in the Yeti is the only thing that keeps the legend alive.

The Camel Toast Collective is a group of believers. For over three years they have been working hard to create a dance inspired by and dedicated to the Yeti. The result? GET YETI - a new dance craze that is bound to sweep the nation. And take it’s place among great dances of our times: The Macarena, The Harlem Shake, Walk Like an Egyptian, the Dougie

About the Creators:

The Camel Toast Collective features some of Colorado’s finest believers:

Sarah Megyesy (video director / producer / co-creator)
Sarah is a freelance videographer and filmmaker living in Black Hawk, Colorado. She has been working with the music community since she moved to Denver 4 years ago. Sarah is currently directing and producing American Hemp, a film about hemp farmers in Colorado.

Kevin Larkin (musical director / producer / co-creator)
Kevin is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music producer living in Denver, Colorado. He sings and plays with Chimney Choir, Natalie Tate, and the Claptet. 

Members of Trout Steak Revival, Chimney Choir, Youth on Record, 303 Choir, Clouds and Mountains, Laura Goldhamer, and many many many others are featured in Get Yeti.