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Tom Waits Tuesdays - A limited edition print release

The music that spans across the years of Tom Waits’ career creates a labyrinth that I’ve come to be pleasantly lost inside while making art. There is an almost bottomless well of little poetic moments that beg to be illustrated and expanded upon. For the pure joy of it I began posting drawings on the occasional Tuesday on my Instagram. The images were undoubtedly drenched in the stuff of particular Waits tunes, and it quickly became a tradition known as “Tom Waits Tuesday.” In a first-come-first-served style the original drawings were all posted, sold, and shipped to their various destinations. It only felt right to perhaps drop the needle on some vinyl, pack them all together into the proverbial station wagon, and head to Leon! And so now, the entire collection gathered together here, and on view as one big happy family, all of the thirty-five Tom Waits Tuesdays original drawings are now released as limited edition prints. Get them while you can. When these numbered and signed limited edition prints are gone, that’s it, you’re SOL.