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Para o Heroi

a one night performance art event with Paula Carneiro + Marcos Steuernagel

Performance: August 25th, 2018 7:30-9:00pm
in conjunction with the opening reception of Outliers\

Para o Herói: Experimentos Sem Nenhum Caráter

This performance is dedicated to “Macunaíma, The Hero Without a Character”. A Brazilian anti-hero, Macunaíma is a profane trickster created by ethnographer and novelist Mário de Andrade in his seminal 1928 book. Macunaíma is a Brazilian archetype that embodies our cultural contradictions in a joker who takes on an amazing diversity of forms. A black-indigenous Brazilian born in the jungle, Macunaíma becomes white after bathing himself in an enchanted pond, and leaves for the cosmopolitan São Paulo, where he blurs the distinctions between animal, machine, god, and human, with a humorous and original style.
In this performance, Paula Carneiro Dias embodies Macunaíma in her skin, printing fragments of the book to her body as she walks through the different becomings of Macunaíma.

Earlier Event: August 25