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Astronomy on Tap!

Science is even better with beer! Join us for the fifth Astronomy on Tap, here in Denver, CO! Had fun last time? Invite your friends, this is a free event! This month we are teaming up with Wynkoop Brewery!

Saturday, 24th, 2015

Doors at 8pm

This is a free event!

For the Fifth Installment of Astronomy on Tap we are bringing together an exciting team to bring you the science & suds, astronomy & alcohol, black holes & booze, galaxies & glow sticks...this means free astronomy lectures AND free pours of some amazing, Colorado-sourced beer from Wynkoop!

This month's presenters include: 

Jennifer Hoffman
"Real-Life Death Stars"
Jennifer Hoffman is an associate professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Denver. She studies stellar explosions in galaxies far, far away.

Issac Smith
"Mars: a quick tour of what we can learn from orbit."
Issac Smith finished his PhD at the University of Texas in geological science, after which he received a Fulbright Fellowship to work in Paris for one year. He has been at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder since May 2014. His research involves sedimentary structures on Mars, especially related to ice deposition at the polar caps. 

Next month the event will be held in Boulder. Stay tuned for more information!

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