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Raquel Bell + Clouds & Mountains Live at Leon!

Raquel Bell + Clouds & Mountains Live at Leon!

Doors at 8pm.

$10 Suggested donation at the door.

$7 Pre-sale tickets available at: (save some money yo!)

R a q u e l   B e l l

Raquel Bell, vocalist for brutally exacting avant-rock crew Normal Love, presents her eccentric, art-folky solo material at Leon. "Her voice would be like butterscotch one second, and like blood the next, sometimes in the same syllable....It (is) impossible to know what to expect, and she knows that, and works it." - delarue on Lucid Culture

Link Love:

C l o u d s   &   M o u n t a i n s  

With the ethereal glimmer of sunset clouds and the massive maturity of ancient mountains, the aptly named Clouds and Mountains is the new project of Colorado music scene fixture Macon Terry. Aside from Terry on guitar and vocals, Clouds and Mountains has avariable cast of Terry's friends filling out the sound on record and on stage which sometimes includes the following: Macon Terry, Robin Chestnut, Rachel Sliker, Jeremy Averitt, Blake Stepan, Kris Drikey, & Natalie Tate.

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